A New Imprint ~ T2P Books (Truth to Power)

Title Rediscovery Contest


Truthful Narratives = Better Understanding


Did a great book that is now out of print radically alter your understanding of an historical event or issue? T2P Books, a new imprint of Steerforth Press, is crowdsourcing ideas for out-of-print titles that deserve to be reissued with new introductions for today's readers, and you can help.


What we are seeking:

Documentary Narratives: Classics like Rachel Carson's Silent Spring and Randy Shilts’ And The Band Played On changed discourse around their topics forever. These famous books are not out of print, of course, but they are examples of the types of works we are seeking: meticulously researched narratives that were written for a general audience, and that upended popular misconceptions and increased awareness around important events and issues.


Eyewitness Memoirs: Personal accounts that provided a window on events and conditions that call out for attention, like Ishmael Beah's A Long Way Gone or Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed. Also under this category, we are seeking whistleblower memoirs, books by people who witnessed abuses of power and wrote about their experiences.


What's in it for you:

Submit: Be the first to recommend an out-of-print title that T2P reissues, and you will receive $50 plus a free copy of every book published under the T2P imprint, for life! This prize is only eligible to people with a US address. You may enter multiple times.

See our current titles here.